ENTREES (cont)

Kafta ○ 18
Certified Angus beef, seasoned and served
with vegetable couscous, tahini, and
vegetable of the day.

Seared Chicken ○ 18
Green olives, tomatoes, garlic and onions
in rich tomato and tahini sauce. Served over
grilled polenta.

Scampi ○ 23
A traditional style scampi. Fettuccini with
roasted garlic and parmesan.

Roasted Red Pepper & Mushroom Lasagna ○ 16
Creamy béchamel with roasted red peppers,
braised mushrooms, and mozzarella.

Mushroom Ravioli ○ 16
Pesto-cream sauce with braised mushrooms
and parmesan cheese.


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